SABC 2 - Broadcasting Live (Friday 29 April at 06H00)

Watch SABC 2 on Friday 29 April in the morning at 06H00.

They will be broadcasting live at our beautiful Sterland in Sutherland.

Posted by Jurg Wagener

Well done and thank you!

Dear Jurg,

Thank you so much for hosting us the way you did this past Saturday evening. I’ve had many years of teaching school boys and when one goes on a tour and does things like we did with you on Saturday night, boys (in particular) get bored and fidgety very quickly. The fact that you kept them busy for two hours is testimony to superb organisation, your wonderful passion for astronomy and the top of the range equipment you use to reveal the night sky to us. Not one moaned the whole night (I think that is a first in my teaching career….) and all were highly enthusiastic and grateful for the show.

Well done and thank you!
Graham Robertson
(Graham Robertson College)

Posted by Jurg Wagener

Perhaps it was - Nova Centauri 2013

Good morning Jurg,

There was an article in the Cape Times about the Nova Centauri 2013 and a Nuclear fusion. Was that perhaps the shooting star we saw almost at 9pm, when Mandela died. It was for sure the brightest shooting star I had ever seen and I often have spend time in the Karoo. Strange, but who knows? They also mention that in June 1918 a very bright star appeared known as V0603 Aquilae.This star was getting as bright as the Centauri in July 1918, when Mandela was born they said. What do you know about this?

We all enjoyed the stargazing very much. I think specially being before we went to see all the Observatories the next morning. Made it all more understanding, but it is however all still "mind boggling" (nice English expression describing it).

Kind regards,
Gudrun Anderson GRF-Tours

Posted by Juanita Hutchings

Madiba's farewell

Thursday night 5th December at 20:30 we did stargazing in Sutherland like many other nights with a group of about 10 people. There was no moon and the sky was clear and we could really enjoy the beauty of the stars.

All of the sudden there was a magnificent shooting star. A long fireball getting brighter and brighter lasting about 5 seconds. At the very last moment, it just exploded. You feel the extraordinary excitement to be able to view this outstanding shooting star. The time we couldn't precisely identify but it was round about 20:45 and 21:15. The rest of the evening was normal and all the visitor's left around about 22:15. I cannot recall seeing any more shooting stars the rest of the evening.

The next morning at the breakfast table we shared the sad news that Madiba passed away. One of the visitor's remarked that the shooting star that we saw was around about the time that he passed away.

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Posted by Jurg Wagener

Madiba's farewell (Continued...)

It is of my humble opinion that this shooting star is typical of the way Madiba spent his life. You must shine your star till the very last end, give your best everyday and never give up!

Posted by Jurg Wagener

Bright Light in the Sky! (part 2)

OTV-3 X-37B Sighting (Satellite)

It is now believed that it was not a fuel dump, but rather a retro (i.e. reverse) burn of both the Spaceplane and its accompanied 2nd stage rocket.

The retro burn for the 2nd stage was to de-orbit it. It is strange that OTV (Orbital Test Vehicle) also retro-fired at the same time and it is assumed it was to lower the orbit slightly.

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Bright Light in the Sky!

OTV-3 X-37B Sighting (Satellite)

Greg Roberts spotted an OTV3 craft as well as the second stage rocket, but even better was the very bright plume ahead of OTV3 which was due to probably hydrogen venting.


Posted by Jurg Wagener