Star gazing sessions are presented almost every night throughout the year. Remember to "dress up for the occasion". Evenings are cool so in order for you to enjoy the program more thoroughly, being warmly dressed is essential.

Please always confirm the starting times when booking for Star Gazing and note the show is two hours long. You as the star gazer are first treated with an indoor presentation on a three meter size screen with explanations of the constellations and size of the universe. A short DVD about Sutherland is also shown. Astronomy related posters and books including Wayne Mitchell's STAR GAZER'S DEEP SPACE ATLAS will be on display.

Once you are outside, Jurg uses a very powerful laser to point out the stars and different constellations as well as to teach you hoe to find South with the aid of the Southern Cross and Magellan clouds before looking physically through one of the five telescopes.

Starting Times

  • Jan - April: 20H00 - 22H00
  • May: 19H00 - 21H00
  • June - July: 18H00 - 20H00
  • August: 19H00 - 21H00
  • Sept - Dec: 20H00 - 22H00

Where is it? Situated one kilometer outside of Sutherland, in the direction of Matjiesfontein, you will find Sterland our precious spot for star gazing, almost every night. Sutherland was chosen to host the SALT Telescope due to the fact that we have very little light polution and enjoy 80% cloudness nights in a year.

All the relevant constellations, stars, planets and objects to be observed are then explained before looking through the eye piece of the telescope.

After the presentation we resume the show outside under the stars at the Muisbos Amphitheatre, followed by an explanation of how to locate true south with the aid of the Magellan Clouds, Southern Cross and other stars.

Your host astronomer(s) are always pleased to discuss any questions.

Each telescope is operated by a knowledgeable person. Every person gets enough time to enjoy the object to be seen. The show normally lasts around two hours.

Bookings are Essential! (Please provide the date you wish to attend).
Please always confirm the starting times when booking for Star Gazing.

The Cost

Adults and Kids R120 per person

A rate of R150 per person (Adults & Kids) for Sundays & Public Holidays only.

Dates NOT Available
Dates Not offering Stargazing.
STARGAZING STARGAZING STERLAND (Sutherland)24 and 31 December2018

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