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Sutherland, South Africa


350 km on the tar road from Cape Town and 1550 meters above sea level lies a beautiful town Sutherland, situated in the Northern Cape. It forms part of the Karoo Hoogland Municipality which includes Williston (145 km away) and Fraserburg (110 km). The town was established in 1855 with everything focused around the Dutch Reformed Church.



So much to see, so much to do . . .

Star gazing sessions are presented almost every night throughout the year. Remember to "dress up for the occasion". Evenings are cool so in order for you to enjoy the program more thoroughly, being warmly dressed is essential.

Please always confirm the starting times when booking for Star Gazing and note the show is two hours long. You as the star gazer are first treated with an indoor presentation on a three meter size screen with explanations of the constellations and size of the universe. A short DVD about Sutherland is also shown. Astronomy related posters and books including Wayne Mitchell's STAR GAZER'S DEEP SPACE ATLAS will be on display.