Our Town


350 km on the tar road from Cape Town and 1550 meters above sea level lies a beautiful town Sutherland, situated in the Northern Cape. It forms part of the Karoo Hoogland Municipality which includes Williston (145 km away) and Fraserburg (110 km). The town was established in 1855 with everything focused around the Dutch Reformed Church.

In 1872 there were 19 houses, with a community of 138. Today it is mainly a sheep farming area with 3648 inhabitants of which 749 are whites. Farms are usually very large - 5000 ha +.

There are three large shops in town, two service stations, butcher, farmers Coop, 2 schools and one bank (Standard Bank). Petrol is available from 07h00 to 19h00 on a daily basis. All basic products can be bought locally. The newspaper of the day is only available in the late afternoon due to the distance from the cities.

An 18 hole golf course, tennis courts and yoke pin course provide the sport activities.

The average minimum temperature is 3 degrees Celcius over the whole year and the average maximum is 20.5 degrees Celcius.

A three day stay will provide you with scenic drives to Merweville, Fraserburg with its famous Paleo surface, Middelpos, The Gannaga and Ouberg passes en route to the Tanqua National Park and beautiful veld flowers in August, September and October each year.