Sutherland Walking Trails

Rita Wagener has put together a 3 to 15 km Walking Trail that doesn't just offer beautiful scenery, but also explains the geology and plants found on the Middelfontein farm.

No bookings are required, however permission to enter the farm is required. Please enquire at the Kambrokind House and, most importantly, pick up a copy of the Brochure with names and explanations of all the numbered items along the walking trail. We kindly ask a donation of R60 per person.

There is also a historical walking trail in town that you can walk, or even drive, explaining the history of the buildings. We supply a booklet with all information.

There is a new 3 km easy walking trail with more than 30 plants listed and numbered in a guide book.

See rabbits, birds etc on this enjoyable outing.


21 October - A special launching of the book Karoo Rock engravings takes place 17h00 at STERLAND.

Several other books like Karoo Cosmos by authors John Parkington, David Morris and Neil Rusch will also be displayed.

The Forgotten Highway

The new trek will start at Roggecloof Game farm on 22 Oct and will say hello to Sutherland to encounter a special reception and then all the way to Griquastad.

It is a long way to go and we wish the team all the luck and joy for reminding us of the big trek..