Your Hosts

Rita and Jurg Wagener

Rita and Jurg moved from Swellendam after having lived there for 25 years, Rita as a primary school teacher and Jurg as bank manager. Rita, born in Sutherland, always had the passion to return and be of service to the community.

They also use the house (Sterland) as a private home and guests are always welcomed by the family as only Karoo people can do. The other member of the family is Catherine, the ginger cat who is part of the furniture. The outside guardians of peace are two border collies called Karlien and Kandas.

Jurg and Rita's daughter, Juanita, along with her husband Gary joined the business in December 2012. They have two children Carmen & Jordan.

In winter time, the inside fireplace will welcome you and one can spend hours listening to Rita`s stories about her birth town. Not to be missed is the scrapbook which has been kept over many years and the DVDs of all the places of interest.