Congratulations on being selected as a MASS CAMP Host Resort!

The selection of the final 44 Host Resorts was no easy task and we feel we have made good choices for the 2nd annual MASS CAMP.  Please take note of the info provided below to ensure that we can all do our part in making Mass Camp 2022 a great one.

MASS CAMP Field Agents

Based on feedback from the previous resort hosts and field agents, the decision was made to allow all MASS CAMPers to rate your resort and submit photos, instead of having only one agent. This will help to collect more info for the resorts’ marketing ventures throughout 2023.

MASS CAMPers Competition

To promote and entice MASS CAMPers to submit ratings and photos, we will be running a competition to give them the chance to win a prize. We encourage you as a Resort Host to sponsor a prize such as “3 nights stay out of season” since you are no longer giving a free weekend to a specific agent.

To discuss the sponsorship options please call us directly 033 326 1370 or email us on

MASS CAMP Reservations

All reservations for MASS CAMP 2022 have a 20% discount for camping.

We would like to track the popularity and success of MASS CAMP 2022 to promote the event again next year.  So, we ask you to keep a record of the total number of campers booked for the MASS CAMP weekend, we will get this information from you after the event. Total campsites and total campers need to be recorded please.

Promoting the MASS CAMP event

We would like to ask our Host Resorts, to also do their part in promoting the event to their regular campers and to share the marketing material, that we will provide, on your social media platforms.

We would like to thank you once again for your enthusiasm and participation in MASS CAMP 2022!  Without our Host Resorts MASS CAMP would not be possible!

The MASS CAMP weekend is the ideal weekend to have a communal braai on Braai Day. We’d like to see the hosts engage with the campers and lots of photos to be taken. We encourage you to host activities at your own discretion.