• SABC 2 – Broadcasting Live
    Watch SABC 2 on Friday 29 April in the morning at 06H00. They will be broadcasting live at our beautiful Sterland in Sutherland.
  • blog-nova-big
    Perhaps it was – Nova Centauri 2013
    Good morning Jurg, There was an article in the Cape Times about the Nova Centauri 2013 and a Nuclear fusion. Was that perhaps the shooting star we saw almost at 9pm, when Mandela died. It was for sure the brightest shooting star I had ever seen and I often have spend time in the Karoo. […]
  • Madiba’s farewell (Continued…)
    It is of my humble opinion that this shooting star is typical of the way Madiba spent his life. You must shine your star till the very last end, give your best everyday and never give up!
  • otv-satellite
    Bright Light in the Sky! (Part 2)
    OTV-3 X-37B Sighting (Satellite) It is now believed that it was not a fuel dump, but rather a retro (i.e. reverse) burn of both the Spaceplane and its accompanied 2nd stage rocket. The retro burn for the 2nd stage was to de-orbit it. It is strange that OTV (Orbital Test Vehicle) also retro-fired at the […]
  • Bright Light in the Sky!
    OTV-3 X-37B Sighting (Satellite) Greg Roberts spotted an OTV3 craft as well as the second stage rocket, but even better was the very bright plume ahead of OTV3 which was due to probably hydrogen venting.