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A Karoo campsite with a very fitting name, Sterland takes full advantage of the clearest skies in South Africa, and offers the perfect place to pitch up and do some stargazing. View review article:

Garth A

I found this campsite to be very well maintained and ablutions were very neat . The sites are are well set out. Would recommend this site for stay in Sutherland.

Riaan Duvenage

Nice house, well equipped and well located in a beautiful town.


Really enjoyed the stay at Sterland in Sutherland. You get your little home fully equipped with everything you need from heater blankets to a microwave. Even in the small 2 person room is a little private house. A short walk away from all the main attractions in the town.


The staff was absolutely friendly, our bedroom was clean and neat. The restaurant on the premises serves delicious food. We had a good time.


Baie dankie aan die Wageners vir die heerlike verblyf in die Kambro gastehuis. Die mooi huis met plankvloer en lekker sonstoep was so netjies, ruim en lekker warm met binnebraai/kaggel en elektriese komberse in die ysige Sutherland koue. Die sterrekyk by Oom Jurg was 'n belewenis en het soveel moeit...

Gert and Jane Lindeque

Ons verblyf by Kambro Kind op Sutherland was heerlik. Ons sal beslis weer terugkom. Veral om Jurg se sterrekyk te beleef nadat ons n bloutjie geloop het by die sterrewag. Gert en Karien Lindeque


Tired and dusty we arrive at the guesthouse from moment number one, you could see that Jurg got every thing under control. We enjoyed our stay in Kambro Kind and will definately make use of the facilities.


At short notice my brother and I decided to visit the world famous star gazing rural town of Sutherland which is found 330km from Cape Town ( N1 route and drive North after 220km). Road is tar throughout and we stayed overnight at Sterland ( Star Land if directly translated) which is situated 1km outside Sutherland. For those that don't know Sutherland is world famous for star gazing and is 1550m above sea level and being in the arid Karoo area provides 90% cloudfree viewing through the year. The clarity of the sky is unsurpassed! We had hoped for a viewing at SALT ( South African Large Telescope) but they were fully booked for tours well in advance so suggest if you want to visit this facility then ensure you book! We then opted to enjoy the journey in the galaxy with Jurg Wagener who is the owner of Sterland which also offers camping facilities but again - please ensure you book in advance. The Town only has 3000 odd residents yet we were 70 guests on the evening in question which started with a video display of 2 x 30 min segments and a short lecture as to what we would expect before we went to view the stars through the 5 x 11 inch (280mm) Celestron Go-To telescopes, each with its own GPS. Personally I found the ongoing information provided by Jurg, in both English and Afrikaans to be both very humorous and highly educational covering all spheres of knowledge for the end user. The cost for the lecture was R80 and the camping facility was R160 per night for 2 people. The camping facility offers clean ablution facilities and was fully booked on the evening we stayed over so ensure you book. A restuarant is at the facility but I cannot comment on this as we did not use this. All in all a great experience , even for ( in fact, especially for ) South Africans. Sutherland is the coldest place in South Africa so ensure you take warm clothes- especially in winter when temperatures easily reach double digits in the negative for Celsius.


I knew nothing about astronomy before I visited this attraction. Jorge made it easy to understand for me. His telescopes allowed me to see the stars clearly. I must return ti learn even more.

Shannon F

Jurg's knowledge of the constellations and beyond was absolutely amazing! It was a beautiful, clear (and extremely freezing) night but admiring the stars and seeing 6 shooting stars and the moon rising through the telescope was unforgettable. Jurg caters for both English and Afrikaans speaking - which is a talent in itself! Simply the best and highly recommended


A group of 12 of us went to Jurg's stargazing session as the SALT telescope was closed that night, and had humidity the night before. SALT had shown us a DVD on Hubble the night before as a stand-in, which was rather dry. Jurg's star tour couldn't have been more different. He spoke with humour and enthusiasm about the galaxy and made the entire overwhelming concept of space and time much more accessible. He then took us outside to his telescopes and pointed out the stars and constellations, sharing funny stories and clever ways to help us remember what was where. We couldn't have expected a better intro to the stars.


We went to Jurgs stargazing session on the 14th of June, it was a Sunday night. We watched a short presentation with an introduction before taking us out to the telescopes. I honestly expected a few telescopes on a lawn looking up at a few stars, but Jurg has a really fantastic setup. He has 4 11inch telescopes with GPS capability. Jurg is a brilliant amateur astronomer and explains everything very well in English and Afrikaans. He is also quite humorous and made the experience so much more entertaining. He also makes use of a high powered laser which he uses to point to stars and explain what it is we're looking at. We got more than enough time on the telescopes and never felt left out. It felt like a visit to the planetarium except using the real night sky and adding Jurgs sense of humor. I highly recommend this stargazing experience.


An unforgettable experience and highly recommended. Jurg slips easily from English to Afrikaans, is especially sweet with kids and approaches the stars in a humorous and easy-to-understand way. Despite the freezing temperature (-1 ºC), we stayed until the end utterly transfixed!


So you take your kids to sutherland and visit SALT (i'm talking kids between 5 -10). they are mildly amused when they get there, their interest is perked when they see all the telescope buildings and maybe you'll get a wow when they see the big telescope. but then they are upset as they did not see a single star!! come in jurg's sterland stargazing to the rescue! In freezing winter temperatures from 8 - 10pm my kids had a fantastic time stargazing with jurg. they saw venus and jupiter align, they saw saturn's rings and then got to take pictures of the full moon with dad's mobile phone. not to mention all the other interesting titbits that jurg shared. Many thanks for a memorable experience!


We had visited Sutherland before, and knew what to expect. And still we were pleasantly surprised by improvements everywhere in terms of facilities and options and new restaurants and coffee shops. Even our SALT visit was more informative than before and excellent value for money. Jannie's tour of the NG Kerk was great and the stargazing at Sterland with Jurg Wagener was a highlight. The little bit of snow on the pass when travelling home was a bonus. We will be back...


This time round we stayed in Sutherland in Jurg Wagener's houses. Although it was very cold, we always had running water and both houses we occupied were clean, comfortable and with electrical blankets, heaters ect it was never cold inside. We enjoyed a very nice breakfast every morning at his restaurant and were entertained by him and his friendly wife and staff. Overall, I can certainly Jurg Wagener's accommodation in Sutherland "Sterland". Jurg also has telescopes and at a small fee we all had a look at stars and planets through his stargazing tour almost every night at 20:00.


This was a wonderful experience - Jurg does a great job - and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening, albeit a very cold one. The bonus was seeing Saturn with her rings! I will do this again - in a warmer month though!

Rob E

Jurg Wagener at Sterland Stargazing is definitely an experience not to be missed. Informative and character comes to mind. Jurg shares his passion and experience with stargazing and leaves you with a satisfied feeling after the show. Money well spend and definitely something to do again. From saturn to scorpio to antarius and various nebulas and constellations, the dropping temperature and clear Karoo skies all makes the full experience worth it. Come to realise your size in the universe and where you fit in. Once again an experience never to forget and definitely worth doing again and again. Thank you Jurg!!

Magda V

An experience not to be missed. La Pari Pari best guesthouse in the whole of Sutherland with the most wonderful and hospitable hostess. Stargazing experience was out of this world, and a special thanks to Jurg. Remember to book for two nights just incase the weather is not suitable, then there is the possibility of going another night.


Such a great night! We got to look through one of 5 telescopes Jurg has, at the Magellan cloud and Saturn. Very education and entertaining, a definite must when visiting Sutherland.


Prefer this than to Salt..Very informative?Personalized tour.. Jurg Wagener knows his thing.Great place

Nicky F

We found Jurg's stargazing evening more enjoyable than the one at SALT. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in an easy to understand manner, throwing in a bit of comedy too. The little enclosures and benches make it comfortable and sheltered.


Wow, this was recommended to us by the staff at the Sutherland hotel as well as one of the other patrons. This patron had taken her children to both Sterland as well as the Telescope night tour. We had booked for the telescope but took a chance on Sterland. The owner has amazing knowledge and with his extremely powerful laser pointer and 5 computer controlled telescopes he managed to blow our minds away. A must for anybody that visits Sutherland. Well Done!!!

Beans H

Spending 2 hours with someone that is truly passionate about what they do and love made for an amazing experience. Jurg's knowledge and sharing make for a really laid back and memorable experience a lot was learnt within the time spent and when we do visit Sutherland again sometime this will be a definite stop.


This was our second visit and as enjoyable as our first. Jurg provides a charming and brief overview of the stars and planets, focusing on concepts of scale and time, which has good general appeal for all ages. There is also an overview of Sutherland's attractions, before one heads out to the telescopes in the fading sunset. The rising full moon didn't detract from our star spotting, and we rounded off with a close view of lunar craters at the end. Jurg helped out with cellphone photos 'through the lens', which was a great memento.


After going to the Sutherland observatory and not being very successful in seeing anything we headed down to jurg where the heavens literally opened up. Jurg is so passionate and knowledgeable and this offsets the cold you might experience from bring out in the middle of the night in one of the coldest places in SA. Very accommodating. We can't wait to return.


Jurg is an expert in explaining the stars and it was so wonderful to be able to see the stars through his powerful telescopes. For R100 a person, I thought it was so reasonable to have the stars pointed out by lazer and then have the opportunity to see them. I was able to see the two storms on Jupiter and five of its moons and see the two star making up Alpha Centuri. To say I was blown away would be understating the obvious. Would I go back? In a heartbeat!

Annatjie D

Jurg and his wife let Sutherland came alive on our recent Karoo roadtrip. We stayed at their Baroe house.... a beautiful, warm and special Karoohuis. We did not even bother to have supper at a restaurant......we just 'sit op die stoep' drinking a slow glass, waiting for 8 o'clock for stargazing. And so it was..... we could only gaze....beautiful.....interesting cold.....We will be back


Really a fun experience. The hosts knowledge and enthusiasm for the skies is truly exceptional. Wonderful sense of humor as an added bonus. Highly recommend. Well worth the drive from CT.


This is a stargazing experience run by Jurg Wagener just outside the South African town of Sutherland. After a very informative talk and a short walk to his telescopes- the sky opens up! Jurg is very knowledgeable, patient and ready to answer an endless barrage of questions about our solar system. His telescopes are powerful and we were able to see so much. Tip 1. Turn off the N1 at Matjiesfontein - you won't regret it. Tip 2. Stay at Kambrokind guesthouse- you will love it!


We were told about stargazing with Jurg and what an experience! Jurg gives a very informative presentation and is very knowledgeable on the subject which he presents with a good dose of humour as well! It is great that his presentation is in both English and Afrikaans. There are four telescopes and in spite of a large number of people, we were able to view the stars and planets in very short intervals (very well managed). Lovely touch viewing the DVD on the history of the town of Sutherland! Excellent value for money! John & Rose Clarke


Simply amazing looking through the telescopes and seeing the stars and planets. Really interesting learning about the different stars and the star constellations. Thank you Jurg! Best place in Sutherland to visit

Gerry M

My wife and I spent the 7th and 8th of June in Sutherland at the Sterland Gazing La Pari accommodation. Jurg to you your wife and your team please accept my most sincere thanks and appreciation for the exceptional standard and user friendly accommodation. There is only one word to describe this service and it is GREAT. I would also like to commend the extra ordinary interesting presentation and stargazing experience with Jurg hosting. It contributed directly to a follow-up visit to Sutherland in future.


Jurg was a terrific guide to the different constellations, stars and planets. He pointed out numerous constellations, explained the different colored stars and does the tour in perfect English and Afrikaans. We also managed to view Jupiter with 3 of her moons, Saturn and a few of the Galileo moons and Mars. A cold but richly rewarding outing that I would highly recommend.


A must see! Jurg was very infornative and passionate about the stargazing. We had the opportunity to see Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the jewel box up close.


A great experience with lots of interesting information. All comes to life with the Lazer pointer used to highlight the stars. We were part of a group of 70 and did not feel like there was a problem viewing through the 5 Telescopes. A must do if you are in Sutherland but go warmly dressed.

Karen H

Jurg our host was highly knowledgeable about all matters in space and his space. He had an easy approach and relaxed attitude, but never compromised on information. The odd joke about the galaxy made it an entertaining outing. We were there at minus 2 degrees, but it was worth every shiver. We all had an opportunity to look at Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the moon without feeling rushed. Jurg was truly the star of the show with great patience to answer all questions. His passion for what he does shone as bright a the brightest star. Highly recommended

Philip M

As always was the reception good and the whole experience informative and very good. The attention to detail outstanding and always a amazing experience. Jurg knowledge and way of doing are a pleasure

Val B

Your host at Sterland, Jurg Wagener, is clearly passionate about the stars planets and all things skyward ... and he imparts his vast knowledge with amusing anecdotes and an abundance of enthusiasm. Our first view of the night sky was breathtaking, and once the powerful computerised telescopes had been set, we proceeded to gaze in awe at Saturn with its rings and moons and various stars which were invisible to the naked eye ... but were brought into clear sight by the pwerful scopes. This is a must for visitors to Sutherland ... but remember to wrap up warmly !!


Jurg knows his subject and it is his passion - therefore you can expect an entertaining and wondrous night under the Roggeveld blanket of stars. Your host is very patient and entertaining and would love to answer all your questions. It will be a night not to forget soon - one to two hours - in one of his 'bomas', each fitted with a telescope which will follow the various stars to be seen and discussed on that specific evening. The stargazing is appropriate for all ages but beware : this is Sutherland - dress very warmly in winter, even a blanket will save you and in summer mosquito repellent. Enjoy!


Well done Jurg on introducing us to "the stars". It was a freezing cold night but we enjoyed the evening with a delightful group of people under the watch of Jurg, who has patience and a happy sense of humour. Highly recommended. We spent the night in Skrywerhuis where we saw the first tulips of the season. A special place !!


Jurg's passion for the stars is quite evident throughout his talk. Combining a quick PowerPoint presentation giving some context to the universe and then viewing at least 5 different celestial bodies through his telescopes. Our favourite was the nebula clusters.


We stayed in Skrywershuisie for the weekend, and is was serene and relaxed. A home away from home, with a stoep on which to braai whilst looking over the well kept garden with veggies, fruit trees and flowers. On the edge of town it is quiet, with no disturbances - perfect for time out from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Short, 2 hours, but jam packed with lots of amazing stuff. Jurg has mastered the art of "the essence". Quick and to the point info on a complex topic superbly presented with lots of humour. A Sutherland highlight. Worth the effort and better than a movie. Great value for money. Chilly evening(s) even in Jan...after 38degreesC today...take a warm jacket.

Vanessa G

Loved every minute, so much to see in the night sky. Jurg is so enthusiastic and has a passion for the night skies.


Jurg is a perfect host. We enjoyed the star gazing session with him. He seems to be very knowledgable and is entertaining. I am sure he will be able to go more into depth with his sessions, but for starters, nothing more can be expected. A must do in South Africa.


We went to Sutherland specially for this. It was an amazing experience. The host, Jurg, is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. It is a fun and insightful experience.

Kay S

Firstly a briefing regarding the heavens and the distances involved, and then a viewing of stars, constellations, features of the night sky, and a few of the planets like Jupiter and Saturn (dependent on time of year). Wrap up warmly. Jurg is a charismatic and extremely knowledgeable host. This is highly recommended if you are interested in astronomy, I mean, why else would you be in Sutherland?

Susanna W

This was a lovely experience. Jurg is very knowledgeable and gazing at the stars throught those huge telescopes were amazing. To be able to see the craters on the moon and the wind storms on Juniper was unreal. Will recommend a visit to Sterland to everyone who visits Sutherland.


This was our second time here with Jurg and it was again totally worth the visit. Jurg gives a very insightful tour through the night sky.

Arné P

We went to Sutherland to watch the start if course and Sterland was amazing!! Jurg was informative at a level which everyone could understand. If you wanted to know more you could also ask him. Great vibe and great stars.

Carl B

On referral from my sister (who has visited this place three times already), we had a marvellous evening. Jurg is an outstanding host and hugely knowledgeable - and passionate - about his field. He makes what you're looking at exciting, interesting and accessible. Even though the group was relatively large (I think about 16 altogether?), he can cater for even bigger groups and at no time did we feel rushed, pressured or without sufficient time to gaze and take it all in. A really special evening. Seeing Saturn with its rings - and spectacular views of the moon - was just incredible. Highly recommended and well worth the 'detour' to Sutherland.

Mark L

Sutherland was a bucket list venue Just returned from a family and friends expedition to the Stars.... Jeurg, gave us a wonderful lecture on the night sky followed by telescopes and viewing of various stars and the moon. A visit worth doing and we will be back to learn more. Dress warm as it is freezing cold. That added to the whole experience


We were met by Jurg with open arms. We immediately felt welcome and I felt like hugging Jurg! Skrywershuisie is well equipped, properly fenced even for a "jail breaking" Beagle. All arrangements with regards to breakfast at the hotel were made. Skrywerhuisie has a huge stand with fruit trees and it felt like home. Enjoyed the fire place (Jurg, unfortunately I could not make use of the farm dam for swimming as it was freezing!!). Will definitely visit again and make use of the stargazing that Jurg offers as we could not do it this time as it was raining.

Sandra H

An experience not to be missed. The host has a super sense of humour and really very very knowledgeable. He took a photo of the moon for us through the telescope. Quite amazing. Just freezing but then it is Sutherland.

Brian M

Really enjoyed the viewing of the stars. Jurg has a load of information and shares it freely. Lots of interesting asides. I learnt an enormous amount.

Anette M

This is a very good park to stay to explore the area. Cheap, very good facilities for campers, plenty of hot water, el points and sites out of the wind. We had be doing the siloutte trail for 2 days and it was heaven to come to this park. The host Jurg was also very knowledgeable about the area and we got a lot ot ideas. We missed his star gazing as it was cloudy that night we stayed but we the next day we went to SALT to have a look at the this place and we were guided around. Very interesting.


Enjoyed the experience; although it was almost full moon, the stars was shining bright and to see the full moon through a telescope was just wow. Thank you Jurg PS your reputation comes highly recommended.

Colin S

We spent Friday evening in the company of Jurg, owner of Sterland Stargazing, as well as owner of Sterland Caravan Park. It was an intriguing evening.Jurg's hobby and passion is sharing his knowledge of the universe.He has 6 telescopes on site and the stargazing was magnificent. The night sky was the clearest I have ever experienced. Well worth a visit. NB: Pick an evening where there is no moon!

Lourens M

We had such a fantastic experience with Jurg. He is very knowledgeable on the subject, his presentation was very low key and easy to understand for such a vast subject. His equipment is of the highest standard. It is a highly recommendable must do in Sutherland.


A wonderful evening with our star-gazing host! This is an absolute must and absolutely worth a long-drive from anywhere. We've star gazed in the Atacama and this was a more intimate and personal experience with beautiful night skies. Galaxies, gas clouds and the moons of! Thank you!


My friend and I visited Sutherland and our first stop was at Sterland. The presentation before stargazing was extremely informative as was the stargazing thereafter in the cold night air. We were fortunate to have partially clear skies and saw all the stars and planets identified.


Jurg had to deal with a lot of people and the weather did not play along. He still managed to make the evening very interesting and informative. He was a wonderful host and we enjoyed every moment! Wonderful to be able to look at stars and planets!

Neethling W

Dankie Oom Jurg!! It was very cold but you just have to visit this presentation!! Only requirement is that you dress warm - especially your feet!!

Ruth O

Jurg and his family run a very slick show. The information video before the telescope gazing is very informative. We were there on a very busy night so changing the telescopes for each group took some time. It was very very cold, but the camaraderie among everyone was great. Dress warmly. Be amazed of the sky above us.


Under the guidance of Jurg, the 2 hours spent star gazing, went by rapidly. We were fortunate to have a clear sky. Saturn, Jupiter etc were seen and all explained in a professional manner. Really worth a visit, just 1 km out of Sutherland.

Marlea H

Even though we couldn't really get the full spectacle because it was full moon, we still enjoyed the experience. Jurg is very knowledgable and the close ups of the planets and moon was very special

Graham Robertson College

Dear Jurg,

Thank you so much for hosting us the way you did this past Saturday evening. I’ve had many years of teaching school boys and when one goes on a tour and does things like we did with you on Saturday night, boys (in particular) get bored and fidgety very quickly. The fact that you kept them busy for two hours is testimony to superb organisation, your wonderful passion for astronomy and the top of the range equipment you use to reveal the night sky to us. Not one moaned the whole night (I think that is a first in my teaching career….) and all were highly enthusiastic and grateful for the show.

Well done and thank you!