Sterland Stargazing

Stargazing sessions are presented almost every night throughout the year. The stargazing session is one hour (max 1.5 hours) long where you will be able to watch through 1 of 6 telescopes. Remember to "dress up for the occasion". Evenings are cool so in order for you to enjoy the program more thoroughly, being warmly dressed is essential.

Please always confirm the starting times when booking for Star Gazing and note the show is one and a half hours long. You as the stargazer are first treated with an indoor presentation on a three meter size screen with explanations of the constellations and size of the universe. A short DVD about Sutherland is also shown. Astronomy related posters and books including Wayne Mitchell's STAR GAZER'S DEEP SPACE ATLAS will be on display.

Once you are outside, Jurg uses a very powerful laser to point out the stars and different constellations as well as to teach you hoe to find South with the aid of the Southern Cross and Magellan clouds before physically looking through one of the five telescopes.

In January 2018 we joined our friends at Wadi Rum in the Jordan desert to set up telescopes on the same principle as we do at Sterland. This is the land of Lawrence of Arabia and also called the Valley of the Moon or, in Arabic, Sand Valley. The amazing unique landscape looks very similar to the surface of the planet Mars and scenes from movies like The Martian were filmed here. A Martian life can be experienced at the Wadi Rum Desert Dome camp. To reach Wadi Rum, travel from Amman east to Aqaba, then 60 km to reach the amazing desert - a journey to be never forgotten...

If ever you want to tour Jordan, your whole trip can be professionally organized by contacting:

You are also welcome to explore the amazing fossil collection captured over a period of more than ten years of palaeontologist Jaco Groenewald in our lecture room. We reckon this is the most admirable private collection in South Africa. Time will be given to ask questions too.